Monthly Archives: August 2011

Celebrity Look-alikes – Parody or Misappropriation?

Old Navy’s “Super CUTE” television ad features a campy brunette with a heart-shaped face. Purported look-alike Melissa Molinaro’s hair is swept to one side in a ponytail.  Does the ad violate Kim Kardashian’s rights of publicity and confuse or deceive the public? In a court complaint filed today, Kardashian claims that the spot misappropriates her valuable identity […]

Online Behavioral Advertising: Protecting Consumer Privacy

Does online behavioral advertising (OBA) invade consumer privacy? Federal regulators claim that it does and threaten to increase regulation of online advertising if the industry does not soon provide consumers with tools to understand and control what personal data is shared with OBA. “Do-not-track” tools will soon be available so consumers can opt-out of OBA […]