Monthly Archives: December 2011

Trademarks: Mobile phone giant RIM fails to look before it leaps and learns an easy lesson the hard way.

 With about 8.5 percent of the market, Mac OS is the second most popular general purpose computer operating system behind the Microsoft Windows operating system. Originally launched in 1984, Mac OS has been continuously updated since that time and, as is now customary in the software industry, each major new iteration has been identified with […]

ITC Gives Apple A Gift, Puts Coal in HTC’s Stocking

Earlier this week the International Trade Commission put something nice under Apple’s tree in the form of a ruling that a patent for a method of recognizing and manipulating structured data that Apple had asserted against HTC was both valid and infringed by certain HTC smartphones running Google’s Android operating system. The ITC banned the […]

Healthcare CEO’s Privacy is Invaded by Faux Facebook Page the Old Fashioned Way

I saw a tweet today that a post on the FierceHealthcare blog overstated the privacy and security issues implicated by a faux Facebook page targeting a healthcare company CEO, as reported in this Murray (KY) Ledger article.  While I see his (David Harlow’s) point that it’s not apparently a HIPPA or HIT privacy breach, it is instead, old […]

Undressing Online: Managing User Privacy in an Interactive World

The evolution of digital and social marketing makes it easier than ever for agencies and marketers to target consumers. But there are gaping legal pitfalls. Because of lax or downright misleading privacy policies, some of the largest online players – including Facebook, Twitter and Google – have bull’s-eyes on their backs; and the Federal Trade […]

Arts Community Loses a Visionary Leader

On December 2, hundreds of artists, leaders of arts organization, arts advocates, patrons and friends gathered at the Baltimore Museum of Art to celebrate the amazing life of Nancy Haragan, whose unforgettable and irreplaceable performances on this planet ended too soon on November 27th. I  first worked with Nancy when MICA President, Fred Lazarus,  introduced […]

Can’t Occupy, Hon

Following up on our November 9 post about the Baltimore-centric “HON” trademark controversy, I checked the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office database this morning and confirmed that, true to owner Denise Whiting’s promise, Cafe Hon, Inc. voluntarily surrendered its trademark registrations for HON in late November.  Whiting cancelled her company’s registration of Baltimore’s much loved […]