Is Software Patentable?

We may soon have an answer to that question. By “soon” I mean probably sometime in the next two years. By “answer” I mean we will have the en banc opinion of the Federal Circuit in the case of CLS Bank v. Alice Corp.  Yesterday, the Federal Circuit granted CLS Bank’s petition for rehearing and […]

A Divided Court on Divided Patent Infringement

The Federal Circuit’s recently issued decision in the cases of Akamai Technologies, Inc. v. Limelight Networks, Inc. and McKesson Technologies, Inc. v. Epic Systems Corp. received less attention than its importance might have warranted, perhaps because Apple’s win over Samsung in the patent litigation between the Smartphone giants occurred at about the same time and […]

Conception Is Not Reality

One of the most interesting aspects of being a patent attorney is that I meet with a lot of brilliant people, the majority of whom have both some really great ideas and an unconventional way of looking at the world. This is as true of our individual inventor clients as it is of our corporate […]

ITC Gives Apple A Gift, Puts Coal in HTC’s Stocking

Earlier this week the International Trade Commission put something nice under Apple’s tree in the form of a ruling that a patent for a method of recognizing and manipulating structured data that Apple had asserted against HTC was both valid and infringed by certain HTC smartphones running Google’s Android operating system. The ITC banned the […]